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Anonymous For The Voiceless Activist at a Cube of Truth

Featured Interview: Unmasking Anonymous For The Voiceless

Interview with an Anonymous for the Voiceless Co-Organizer

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Cow awaiting slaughter

Poetry & Creative Writing

"Unjustified", a poem about the unjustified exploitation of cows

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As a vegan you may often feel ostracized from your family or community, but you’re not alone. Just turn on the TV or listen to some music from like-minded vegan artists! Click a name to learn more about these visionaries. 

15 minute poodle meditation video
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I Am

I am the being that inhabits this body

I am the anxiety that drives it mad.

I am the raindrops that fall from the sky

And every blade of grass upon which they lie…

Meat, By Philip McCulloch-Downs

Spotlight Artist/Activist: Philip McCulloch-Downs

ALL the meat in supermarket freezers began life as a baby, no different to a human baby. 

How Long?

How long must we wait, for justice to be served?

How long will we ponder, this coup that has occurred?

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