Anti-Trump song, Parody of 4 Non Blondes “What’s Up”

“Waiting on Mueller”

This is something I have wanted to do for a while. I am not big on performing, or very good at it, but I do enjoy playing this song. Sorry for the poor recording quality.

​If I could stop you I would

If I could stop you I would

If I could stop you I would

Illustrate your evils,

your works and bad deeds.

Stand up tall, eye to eye

Sacrifice all, be willing to die

If I could stop you I would


If I could stop you I would


If I could stop you I would

Shout and scream

Riot in the streets

Rally my people to a war-cry

For your defeat

If I could stop you I would


If I could stop you I would


If I could stop you I would

Clear away the fog of your lies

Bring down your tower,

Stop Fascism’s reprise.

If I could stop you I would


If I could stop you I would


If I could stop you I would

Use words as my shield,

Sonnet as my spear,

Create works of protest,

That make you cower in fear.

If I could stop you I would


If I could stop you I would


If I could stop you I would

Raise an army of poets,

Painters, and musicians

We’d write songs, tell stories,

Paint scenes foretelling your fall.

If I could stop you I would


If I could stop you I would


If I could stop you I would

Protect what is sacred.

Bring about a renaissance of change

End the racism, hatred,

The violence committed in your name.

If I could stop you I would


If I could stop you I would

The Grimbleschnorph and Me

The Grimbleschnorph Chronicles Volume One: Savage Planet cover
The Grimbleschnorph Chronicles
Volume One: Savage Planet

I’ve finally completed my first manuscript. It isn’t the manuscript I thought I’d complete first. For the last ten years, I’ve been trying and failing, to tell my story. I’ve begun writing and then given up, and then started over, so many times that each attempt to complete a story has now become the foundation for a multi-tiered story arc, all of which revolve around my main story. I call the series Borderline Dimensionality Disorder. My primary novel, which will link them all together, will be titled (tentatively) Are you listening? I hope to have it completed by the end of 2019. However, I’ve placed that project on hold for a bit; I have been becoming more concerned with my role in community activism and wanted to find a way to help single parents, young adults, and children initiate discussion about the topic of morality and food choices. In trying to determine a unique way to do this, I decided to look at the animal agriculture industry from the perspective of a stranger.

I ultimately became distracted from my novel and decided to write an unrelated story and that is where The Grimbleschnorph Chronicles originated. The Grimbleschnorph is a character I invented years ago as a joke; he’s stuck with me all this time and now has a home. The Grimbleschnorph Chronicles follow K’Lar Kendasiam; an above average universal pioneer who navigates the stars while gathering data for the Grimbleschnorph Knowledge Alliance. There will be two (at least) volumes in the series. In the Volume One: Savage Planet, K’Lar is forced to make a crash landing on the planet Earth when the ship’s hyperdrive runs out of fuel. While trying to repair the ship K’Lar meets Terence, a young boy anxious to help an interesting alien. As K’Lar gets to know the Earthling, he becomes increasingly disturbed by his discoveries.

This story is a thought-provoking journey of self-discovery which highlights vegan subject matter such as equality, health, environmentalism, and morality issues while addressing myths and common misconceptions. The unique perspective will hopefully invoke curiosity and discussion about the food industry, animal agriculture, and social justice issues highlighting many of the personal questions people ask when beginning their journey to learn about the impact of their food and lifestyle choices. I think that bringing this discussion to the table is vital to the movement. We should be talking about our food choices with our children, with our parents, and with our friends. These atrocities only exist because we allow them to continue in the shadows. The Grimbleschnorph Chronicles Volume One: Savage Planet is available now via digital download and paperback via

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Pig (Sow) confined in an abusive gestation crate.
Pig (Sow) confined in an abusive gestation crate.

Look beyond the bars of my six by two world.

See me as a mother, a daughter, a girl.

Pregnant, imprisoned, unable to move;

Terror growing faster than the litter in my womb.

I will carry my young three months, three weeks, and three days;

I’ll never see my children, or life, outside of a cage.

My babies were bred to suffer horrifying fates.

So that heartless people will have unneeded bacon on their plates.

A victim of gluttony; this is my life, my misery, my sorrow.

This vicious industry will impregnate me again tomorrow. 


cow waiting to die
Go vegan, for your health, the environment and the animals.

Look me in the eyes and tell me I’m yours;

Your property, your pleasure, your victim forever. 

Can you justify the actions you take?

The exploitation and murder? The pollution you make?

Birthed for profit, torment, anguish and fear;

My brethren are slaughtered by the billions each year.

Look me in the eyes and tell me why I have this tag in my ear.


Feckless Words

Romeo and Juliet Statue
Image by: Captured Synchronicity

Wasting my life spinning circles; lost in the void.

Never quite sure, am I lost or is this all?

Searching blindly in the abyss for any sign of relief.

In my darkest hour, she saves me from the fall.

A shining beacon beckoning me in the night.

The star that guides me back to life.

She’s my navigation; my guiding light.

Feckless words fail to illustrate my despair in her absence. 



Breath of Burden

Breath of Burden
Image by: Captured Synchronicity

I wish I was dead; the thought greeted him as reliably as the sun each morning, and like a loving mother tucked him in snugly to bed each night.

The air was heavy, dense. Death wasn’t his desire, it was his escape.

His days consumed by unexplained loneliness; hiding in a crowd of friends.

His nights filled with anxious thoughts and suicidal ideation; waiting for the end.

His lungs felt tired and weary; gasping from their interminable duties.

Undesirable, broken, and  unloved; he knew only he was to blame for these feelings;

Love is never owed, Love is only earned.

The air is thick as he pulls it into his lungs; his chest feels compressed under the burden of a breath.

Another day greets him with misery; yet he smiles through thoughts of death.

He suffocates even as he inhales again; useless efforts, his will diminished.

Unable to find relief, it isn’t air he needs; yet still he breathes.


For information about suicide prevention please click here.

Misery Stains and Woe

Misery Stains and Woe
Image by: Captured Synchronicity

Ever the failure, consumed by woe;

My logical brain knows, but I can’t let this go.

Rationality says think happy thoughts, and it should be so.

Pleasant musings to drown out unrelenting sorrow.

When I try to find the words to describe my pain

My world falls apart and my misery stains.

Caustic blood of the day burns holes in my veins

As my insecurity flourishes and catastrophe reigns.


For assistance with the prevention of Suicide click Here.