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What Is A Misunderstood Mammal?

Misunderstood Mammals have ventured beyond the edge cognitive dissonance to stare deep into the dark abyss of reality. They’ve seen a climate in crisis, facing civil unrest. Particularly, animal agriculture is killing the planet, as inequality and oppression grow hand-in-hand with a widening wage gap. With this in mind, Misunderstood Mammals turn fear into inspiration, and anger into compassion. From the anguish and ashes of our calamity, art is born.

Misunderstood Mission

To sum up the personality of a Misunderstood Mammal one could say we are socially and environmentally conscious, ethical-vegan intellectuals. Our core values are to exist while doing as little harm as possible and to spread that message.

Our mission is not to save the animals. Plenty of vegans are working on that. Our mission is to liberate the oppressed human from the societal mirage leading us to harm animals. Our goal is to wake Mankind from the slumber of cognitive dissonance, and to bring about a society based on compassion and reason. While we champion other vegan initiatives, often the message can come through as too happy-go-lucky to be relatable for the experienced vegan. 

The Misunderstood Mammal is here for those who have been hardened by the fight. We’re not here to tell you how happy we are as vegans or how much we love animals; we’ve debated the issue to the point of exhaustion; we’ll leave that to the social network forums.

We’ve found another way to address the issue. Some of us are still trying to become saints, but many of us have become sardonic cynics. We’re inspired to change the world because we want a future. We believe that using our art to inspire and motivate people is the key to making the future a brighter place. Most importantly, we’re all in this together. 

Misunderstood Mammals

Meet the Misunderstood Mammals who make all of this possible! Some are writers, some comedians, some photographers and painters, the common thread we share is compassion. Click here to meet our contributors!

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