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Anti-Trump song, Parody of 4 Non Blondes “What’s Up”

Parody And Satire, The First Line Of Defense Against Tyranny

Anti-Trump Protest Balloon Baby Trump


Baby Trump

This is an Anti-Trump parody song, who doesn’t enjoy a good parody? Weird Al made a living, right? This is a song I have been playing for a while and wanted to put on video to share in a post. However, a lack of decent a/v equipment, as well as a complete lack of talent has prevented me, until now! No, I didn’t acquire filming equipment, I just decided to lower my standards! Why? Because this isn’t about me. This is about protesting. Politics and Protest!

I had the most fun writing the words and making them work with the original structure of the song. I do enjoy playing both the original version and my version of this song. I wrote several iterations, subsequently settling on the track in the YouTube video.  Although I enjoy writing songs, I am a writer and not an avid performer, or very good at either. I do not have a singing voice, so prepare.

For me, the thing I enjoyed most was connecting a song from my past that I loved, with something I feel so passionately about today. What’s Up by the 4 Non Blondes dominated the only decent radio station within listening range when I was a child. This was before internet radio, CD’s were only just beginning to overtake cassette sales at this time, this was during the ancient past. Translating a part of the soundtrack of my youth into a form of protest felt right.

Make America Great

Removing the traitor Trump from office is vital for our future. Not only to help repair America’s global and domestic integrity but to help curb the damage his administration has enabled. In areas of equality, women’s issues, global affairs, and trade Trump has decimated the progress made by generations of activists. None more so than in the environmental sector. As a species, we have borrowed from the future to pay for today since the dawn of man. At a time when the future can no longer afford our today, this administration has reversed some of our most important protections in the name of profit.

Anti-Trump “Waiting on Mueller”

This song was originally posted in March, so I know this song is a bit dated now that the Mueller report has been released, but I don’t think the substance of the song has deteriorated. History will unravel the nest of lies woven by the Trump Administration and we will all know these men and women for the traitors they are. Without further adieu I present Waiting on Mueller, I hope you enjoy the song! Sorry for the poor recording quality, feel free to direct your comments directly to Apple.

Waiting on Mueller

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