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I Am

I am the being that inhabits this body

I am the anxiety that drives it mad.

I am the raindrops that fall from the sky

And every blade of grass upon which they lie…


How Long?

How long must we wait, for justice to be served?

How long will we ponder, this coup that has occurred?

B&W image of Rat hands


I wrote this poem when one of the rats in my daughter’s care was ill. The experience reminded me of a cat we used to live with who passed away, that cat changed me. It’s always so hard on us as caretakers to table our own fears and insecurities while we tend to their needs.



Look beyond the bars of my six by two world. See me as a mother, a daughter, a girl. Pregnant,



Look me in the eyes and tell me I’m yours; Your property, your pleasure, your victim forever.  Can you justify


Reverberations of Man

The echo of change is silent, while the beat of a heart is violent. Reverberations of man rattling the dark


Goodbye Napster or How I Became Less of a Prick

My cat died yesterday. Well, technically he wasn’t my cat; he was my daughter’s cat, he was my wife’s cat…

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Squirrel peaking around a corner
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