I Am

I am

I am the being that inhabits this body.

I am the hunger that drives it mad.

I am the raindrops that fall from the sky,

And the blades of grass upon which they lie.

I’ve lived a million lives, I’ve been a million Men.

Grown old and died, to be reborn again.

From ashes to ashes,

From dust to dust,

We recycle these molecules,

Into another us.

Many times I’ve been,

An animal in the darkness.

Scared and alone,

No fire to light the way.

Scouring for shelter, for food,

No dreams of tomorrow, only today.

Only taking that which was needed

Morality, understood.

Now I ponder my lives as Man,

Shameful lessons unheeded.

Gluttonous, consume all I can.

Killing my future,

I nourish my present.

Despite the plants and grains,

Compassionate nourishment.

Sometimes as I slumber,

These past lives return.

Reminding me of all, 

I still need to learn.

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