Moby, A Vegan Activist

The Legendary musician Moby has a message for the world, he’s vegan and you should be too. Richard Melville Hall (Moby) is an ethical vegan activist as well as a strong voice in opposing the nationalist movement, he makes music too. To make sure everyone knows he’s committed to animal rights (he’s been vegan since 1987) he recently got a new tattoo as can be seen on his Instagram:

Vegan For Life

Also emblazoned across his neck it says “Vegan For Life”, since all food must pass down through the neck the placement is fitting. Moby doesn’t just wear his heart on his sleeve, he puts his money where his mouth is. Moby owns a vegan restaurant and shop in Los Angeles called Little Pine. 100% of the profits Moby receives from Little Pine are donated to animal rights organizations.

Moby realizes the dire situation humanity has created. When speaking about his latest, most politically outspoken album. According to The Sound of Vinyl, Moby states, “We built great cities. Great industries. Great systems. These systems were supposed to protect us, to free us, but instead, they’ve poisoned our air, killed the animals, butchered the land – and destroyed ourselves. We think we’ve conquered the problems of food production and wealth distribution, yet we’re more miserable than ever.”

We’re all facing crisis, he states on Instagram, “Facing the enormity of the climate crisis can be overwhelming and emotionally devastating.” Moby uses his fame and vegan activism to send a clear message to the world. He states that the top three things each person can do to help avert the climate crisis are, “support climate activists and climate activist organizations. With money, marches, legal support, re-posting, whatever you can do. Walk, ride a bike, take public transit. Go vegan(animal agriculture is the 3rd leading cause of the climate crisis, and the leading cause of rainforest deforestation)”. 

Don’t Leave Me

Not everyone can make it to protests or donate money, but we can all sit back and shut up when others are. Opposing vegan environmental activists is insane. These people are speaking up to literally try and save humanity, and a large portion of society attacks them for it. We are all suffering due to climate change and the effects are only getting worse with each passing second. Our children will face much more extreme circumstances that most people realize. So, if you can’t get on board at least stay the hell out of our way.

Likewise, most Americans cannot ride a bike or carpool constantly. We can however all try to limit our driving wherever possible. Do you really need to run to the store for one item? Why not wait until you have a full list so you can save trips? Maybe you can’t fit carpooling into your schedule every day, but can you carpool with a friend some days, instead of driving separately? Every mile not driven saves on carbon emissions. 

Are You Lost In The World Like Me?

Finally, the simplest form of activism and responsibility is to simply go vegan. As Moby (and the IPCC) have reported, animal agriculture is the third leading cause of our climate crisis. Animal Agriculture is destroying the planet in so many ways, from polluted waterways to methane emissions. 

People cannot stop driving to work or school and may not have extra time and money but we can all control what we purchase. We are living in a time when ethically-sourced, sustainable, compassionate products are plentiful and that industry is on an upswing. All you have to do is use your dollar wisely and we can turn things around. There is no rational or moral justification for an American to use animal products in 2020. 

Animals, unlike locally grown produce, are transported across the country to be processed (murdered) and packaged and sent to the store for purchase. According to the IPCC Special Report on Climate Change and Land, “A study conducted by Wakeland et al. (2012) in the US found that the transportation-related carbon footprint varies to more than half of the total carbon footprint associated with food production, distribution, and storage.”

I Wait For You

Please, take the time to think about your food choices, and how you react when you see an animal activist speaking out. They aren’t just speaking out for the animals, they are speaking out for all of us. Moby isn’t sending a vegan message, he’s sending out a cry for help, help we all need right now. Like it or not, you are being affected by climate change, act now, while you still can.



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