Politics & Protest

Politics & Protest

By Lord Basil G. Lightfoot III


My World and Yours Collide; Will We Find Peace or Genocide?

The world is a strange hodgepodge of nearly Eight Billion humans trying to find a way to occupy the same rock at the same time. In general, the Politics & Protest post series represents a potpourri of my thoughts on politics, current events, rants & raves. Enjoy, share, comment, debate, ignore, whatever gets you through the night. After all, we’re all in this together, we must find a way to make it work.

American politics has become a work of art

In the same fashion as his parody and satirical art, American Abstract Performance Artist Donald J. Trump is staying true to his Reality TV roots with each Rose Garden monologue. He has nearly completed his POTUS Parody performance.

Previously, despite his multiple failed attempts to promote the POTUS Parody, Mr. Trump was not able to realize his artistic dreams. However, he persevered in the name of art. Although he prefers parody, Mr. Trump realized after his failed campaigns that the only choice to realize his art was to use method acting; To that end, Mr. Trump has become POTUS Trump and embodies the parody and satire as personal traits.

The thespians previous works include a decades-long parody of a real estate mogul and a short engagement as a satirical actor pretending to be a successful businessman looking for an apprentice. Most recently, with his latest art installment, he has created a perfect caricature of an actual government. 

Protest Politics – Protest Beuracacy

POTUS and his supporters have taken great strides to change the face of America and ensure Trump makes his mark on the future. The initiatives of the Trump administration have decimated environmental protections, destroyed world relations, and rolled back decades of progress in the name of “making America great again”. However, his true motive is more conceited and self-serving.

Trump has made every effort to ensure himself a place in history. In the distant future, cave-dwelling survivors will teach their children the legends of the Traitor Trump as he will be forever known. Finally, check back for more posts from my series “Politics & Protest” where I’ll further address the ways the Trump administration is waging war on the future.

Thanks for checking out my perspective. These are my views, the musings from one brain. Considering almost eight billion other brains are thinking thoughts at the moment, I would love to hear your thoughts, comments, and refutations! With this in mind, please click the link above to connect with me on Facebook! 

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