About Bob

This is my blog. I’ll be using this forum to share my writing, poetry, rants, reviews, and other bits of madness that flake off of my stream of consciousness that never seems to cease. A little about myself, I’m a guy in his late 30’s, a vegan, Hindu-interested atheist, sapiophile and aspiring author. I have an MBA, and a BS in Psychology and I am nearly finished with my first novel. I grew up in the middle of Kentucky, in a rural, horrible little racist town. As a child I was raised in a Baptist Christian Republican household. I married young, very young and my critical thinking skills became dormant. As my marriage began failing, so did my faith. After waking up to the lies of Christianity and Capitalism in my early to mid-twenties, I found myself lost on an unrecognizable and illogical alien planet. Suddenly, I found that not only was everything I’d been taught throughout my life a lie, but was actually detrimental to me. I found that I only disliked other people because I’d been conditioned to. I found that I only ate animals because I’d been given false justifications for doing so. I found that my purchases and lifestyle were literally destroying the planet. With each realization I’ve lost more and more footing in society. Now, at 37 I’ve found myself scrambling to stay atop a crumbling pillar below me; the insanity of this society consuming me. Everyone bouncing around me like things are normal, not noticing the floor falling out from beneath me. I have spent the past ten years diving deep into my psyche to understand more about myself and the world around me. Because of those experiences I decided to begin writing. It started with fiction stories, but has evolved into a full series. Now that I am nearing completion of the main story, I’ve decided to dedicate myself fully to writing. And so, I’m doing this blog to share my perspective, experience, and art; and hopefully find a way to live in this world, hence the ads 😉