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Speciesism Is Discrimination

Speciesism is the assumption of human superiority over other animals. The idea that human lives have a greater moral value than that of animals. This assumption leads to the exploitation of animals. This is also the root of discrimination within the human species as well.

Speciesism asserts that intelligence and emotional capacity exist on a linear scale. On this scale, insects occupy one end and humans occupy the other.Baby/Calf mashup

Following the speciesism assertion all the way through to its logical conclusion, one could justify any exploitation because it quantifies the moral value of the life of a sentient being. 

Bigots Wearing Stolen Skin

This allows a person to draw an arbitrary line on a scale of moral importance. The line designates some species for exploitation, some for property, and some for protection. But the line is subjective and has no basis in science or logic. So, where does it end? With animals? In society we see the line often blurred to include people of different races, genders, sexual orientation, or people of low IQ or mental impairment. 

Logic Leads To Morality

It is illogical to place sentient beings on a linear scale. This is because all sentient beings display different talents and abilities relative to their evolutionary development and necessity. Humans cannot communicate using sonar, but bats can. That doesn’t make a bats life any more morally valuable than a humans life is because of our intellect. The question speciesists should ask themselves is, where do I land on the scale? Who’s life is more important than mine? 

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