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The Grimbleschnorph Chronicles – Volume One: Savage Planet

Writing With Purpose

I had two intentions when I set out to write The Grimbleschnorph Chronicles. First, I wanted to write a children’s book and second, I wanted to write a vegan-themed fantasy or sci-fi story for young adults. This niche-genre is seriously lacking in content. For the children’s story, I’d originally planned on writing for a younger age group, around the 5 to 7 range. It was going to be an illustrated book of around 15 pages.

As I began writing I realized I couldn’t tell the story I wanted to tell in so few words. I could not send the message I needed to send, and build the foundation in a young mind in 12-15 pages. The more I tried to trim the book and keep it geared for young children, the more I felt I was doing a disservice to the animals. Slowly, the two books merged into one story.

Bringing A Grimbleschnorph To Life

Hence, the Grimbleschnorph Chronicles was born. Initially, I tried to wrap it all up in one story titled Terence Brings a Grimbleschnorph to Breakfast. The subject matter continuously demands a more mature audience the more the topic is discussed. Every answer begets a deeper question. When discussing murder, torture, animal abuse, social justice issues, and morality one must adjust for the audience; that’s tough if your audience still wets the bed. I decided to break Terence Brings a Grimbleschnorph to Breakfast into two novellas.

In the first story K’Lar meets Terence at age 7, in the second story K’Lar visits again, this time Terence will be 14-16, the story will progress with the subject matter as appropriate to the age range so parents can decide when to present the information to their child. This structure allows me to build on the information presented in such a way that the reader will be educated and entertained, without going too over the top with lecturing and facts. Please stay tuned for the continuation of The Grimbleschnorph Chronicles!

Description from Amazon for The Grimbleschnorph Chronicles:

The Grimbleschnorph Chronicles follow the travels of K’Lar Kendasiam; an above-average universal pioneer from the planet Xeion, navigating the stars while gathering data for the Grimbleschnorph Knowledge Alliance. In Savage Planet, K’Lar is forced to make a crash landing on the planet Earth when the ship’s hyper-drive runs out of fuel. While trying to repair the ship K’Lar meets Terence, a young Earthling boy anxious to help an alien in distress. As Terence and K’Lar become acquainted, K’Lar becomes increasingly alarmed by what is revealed. Can K’Lar help Terence learn a better way? Can K’Lar escape the savage planet?

This story is a thought-provoking journey of self-discovery which highlights vegan subject matter such as equality, health, environmentalism, and morality issues while addressing myths and common misconceptions. This unique perspective will invoke curiosity and discussion about the food industry, animal agriculture, and social justice issues highlighting many of the personal questions people ask when beginning their journey to learn about the impact of their food and lifestyle choices.

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