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Where will you spend eternity? Here…

A Sunday Morning Sermon

There is no Heaven or Hell. Not in the Biblical sense. When you die, you will no longer exist. That sounds horrible to a Christian, they can’t wrap their heads around it; it scares them to death. They need the idea of another life beyond this one.

Here’s how I see it. Based on my own personal experiences I know that the things I’ve witnessed have happened, everything else may be a fabrication. I remember nothing from before my birth. So, the end of my life will likely be the end of all existence… From my perspective. The earth, trees, my friends and family, my dog… None of these things will exist anymore once I am dead… Nor did they exist before I was born… Not from my perspective. So, that means this life… My life, my timeline, encompasses all eternity.

The Eternal Narcissist

If my life is eternity, then that makes each day I am alive my heaven or hell… If it’s a good day and I am happy with life, it’s my heaven… I’ve been finding a lot more of those days lately. If it’s a bad day and I kind of want to stop breathing forever, that’s my hell… I don’t want to lose too many days in hell.

The implications of this philosophy extend through my personal views on if my day is heaven or hell and reach into my relationships with others. You see, I’m never in heaven or hell alone. Someone is always contributing to my current state of being… And the kicker? I’m not the only one whose life just happens to encompass all eternity. Each person will experience their own eternity as they walk through this life, which means that I am a part of each person’s heaven or hell.. I contribute to the number of days each person I meet spends in their own Bliss or their own prison.

Angels and Demons

So as you stumble through your eternity and meet others bumbling through theirs, ask yourself, “Do I want to be a part of this person’s heaven or hell today?” Deep down I think we all would rather be someone’s angel than their demon.

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